Leather Christmas Tree Swarovski Brooch Gifts for Family and Friends - 65 RON / 15 €

Pentru iubitorii Craciunului, am realizat o brosa din piele, accesorizata cu cristale Swarovski si globulete din piele aurie. O puteti purta intreaga iarna pe paltonul sau puloverul dvs. preferat. Este cadoul perfect pentru familia sau prietenii dumneavoastra! Dimensiuni 6*7 cm.

For Christmas lovers, a beautiful handmade leather brooch, embellished with sparkly Swarovski crystals and patent leather. You can wear it all winter on your favorite coat or sweater. It is the perfect theme-inspired gift for your family or friends. Size/dimensions: 6 * 7 cm (2.3 * 2.7inch)


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