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Merry Christmas! Craciun Fericit! Joyeux Noël!

Christmas ComesChristmas comes with children singing,
Christmas comes with sleigh bells ringing,
Christmas comes with frosty nights,
Christmas comes with snowball fights.

Christmas comes with Santa Claus,
Christmas comes with snowy floors,
Christmas comes with robins and reindeer,
Chsitmas comes with a hearty cheer.

Christmas comes with gold, frankincense and myrrh,
Christmas comes with Jesus' birth,
Christmas comes with angels from afar,
Christmas comes with a wondrous star.

Christmas comes now, at last,
Christmas comes, like in the past,
Christmas comes after such a long wait,
Christmas comes and it will be great.

Amy Darnbrook

Super Glam Pearl Collection by BijuBrill

Pearls will never be forgotten. That's right, their elegance, their colors in such a great variety, the classic beauty and feel....all these make them very loved by women who like to wear them at special occasions. I found a great variety of shapes and colors, although man made, these Mallorca type pearls will surely bring you that sophisticated look you are looking for. You can choose between big, modern or smaller, delicate pearls in petrol gray, ivory-gray, white, pink-rose, golden-gray. They are all so gorgeous!
I will let you now enjoy my Pearl Collection. :-)

Red Leaf Earrings, Golden Leaf Earrings, Swarovski Earrings, Autumn Colors by BijuBrill

Like autumn leaves, this very feminine and delicate pair of earrings, is made with new Swarovski crystals leaf pendants, in stunning bright red magma color. They are extremely light and delicate. Gold plated handmade links and petite hook earrings.
Available in my Etsy shop

Happy Halloween!

I played "dress-up" this Halloween and my disguise was a hot vampire / spooky ghost :-)
Which is your favorite?
Hope you had a spooky Halloween! ;-)

DIY Polymer Clay Jewelry Organizer

Well, I must confess that working with clay is not that easy as I have imagined...especially because it was an air-dry clay, that after some molding , shaping and reshaping it lost its flexibility. But I have done it and what resulted is quite spectacular :-) Well...I'll let you be the judge of that.

At first, I had no idea what I wanted to do....a plate, a bowl, a doll, some jewelry...but than it hit me: all my earrings were laying around the house, in boxes, on glasses or bags. I had no beautiful place  to display them for my customers. So I decided to make myself a jewelry organizer / holder and it was really fun. I made a polymer clay frame, that I gave an old golden vintage patina. Of course, you can also use it for framing a picture or a painting. You choose its purpose.

Here is what you need:
1. Fimo Air dry polymer clay
2. an old patterned tray
3. cutter
4. wax paper
5. hammer
6. cutter
7. cardboard
8. net
9. acrylic paints + paintbrushes
10. super strong glue
11. ruler

Dawanda DIY Challenge - Say It With Clay

Hello lovelies, I hope you had a very beautiful and fun summer vacation. It has been almost 2 months since my last post, I took a break, I needed one :-)
All summer I had the need of laying down, to sun bathe, to chill....oh., I miss those sunny and bright days. I think it was the perfect summer, not too hot, nor too rainy, don't you think?

Well...I will start to post the new creations, because I have some, you know? :-)
A couple of weeks back, I received a message from Alex from Dawanda, asking me if I want to join a contest organized by them, where I should create something with a surprise item I would receive in the mail. Of course I accepted the challenge, I said yes, and 1 week later, I open the beautiful wrapped envelope.
It was a FIMO Air polymer clay package. Now.....I must think to make something creative :-)
Any thoughts? I am open to suggestions, as I have never played with clay before.

SO, after I make something creative, I will need you support to win a 100€ voucher t…

Rose Gold Collection

Rose gold has been on my favorite list for so long and it is such a great and elegant material, that even Swarovski launched a collection with several types of shapes and textures for 2013. I have created a small collection of jewelry, where I incorporated crystals and metal charms in combination with silver and black. There are bracelets, earrings and necklaces to choose from, you just have to find your favorite piece and add it to your wardrobe. :-)
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. ♥

Horseshoe Leather Bracelet, Good Luck Bracelet by BijuBrill

Simpla, chic si delicata, aceasta bratara charmdin pieleeste realizata cu un charm placat cu aur sub forma de potcoava, care va va aduce cu sigurantanoroc . :-)Purtati-o singura saucombinati-o cu mai multebratari. Poatefiun cadou minunat pentrucel mai bun prieten. ♥ Disponibilînmagazinul meuEtsy.

Simple, chic and delicate, this modern leather charm bracelet features a cute gold plated horseshoe that will surely bring only good luck into your life. :-) Wear it simple or combine it with multiple charm bracelets. It can be so wonderful as a gift for your best friend. ♥ Available in my Etsy shop.

Gold Elephant Charm Bracelet with Gold Plated Chain

Simple, chic, everyday charm bracelet, made with cute gold plated elephant. I find it so perfect for any outfit, and it is such a great way to accessorize it with many other bracelets or charms. It brings good luck for the one wearing it.
" Let the HONOR of your fellow human be as dear to you as YOUR OWN HONOR" - The Talmud

♥♥ Symbolic ELEPHANT Meaning


♥♥ As a dream animal, elephants come into our dreams it is a message that we are able to deal with any obstacle we are faced with at this time.

Available in my Etsy Shop:

Ginkgo Leaf Necklace, Gold Ginkgo Necklace with Pearl

After a loooong busy period, I finally managed to do more cute jewelry for my shop. I am so excited about this new ginkgo necklace, isn't it lovely? :-)
It's made entirely with gold plated elements and the texture of the leaf it's just stunning!
I have adorned it with a fresh water cultured pearl for extra beauty.Available in my Etsy shop.

My Leather Owls Army, Cute Leather Brooches, Leather Accessories

La cerere, am realizat o serie de brose bufnita, pe care le-am realizat cu diferite tipuri de piele texturata si culori. Sunt extrem de haioase si potrivite pentru a-ti accesoriza tinuta jucausa.
Daca iti doresti o anumita culoare sau combinatie de culori, ma poti contacta. :-)

On request, I made a series of leather owl brooches that I made with different types of textures and colors. They are extremely funny and suitable to accessorize your playful outfit .  If you want a certain color or combination of colors, you can contact me. :-)

Rose Gold Unicorn Charm Necklace

"Visele suntdeloc de joacapentru Unicorni." -sursa necunoscuta

O creaturămistica, Unicornulesteunsimbolal magiei, miracolelor, a puritatii, inocentei siincantararii. Acest animalpurapare rar siare capacitatea dea daruimagiesi intelepciune doar celor care suntcu inima curatasi virtuosi in faptele lor.
♥ ♥ ♥Simbolism: putere, purificare, vindecare, intelepciune, cunoastere de sine, reinnoire siviatavesnica.

Acest coliereste realizat cu un unicorn superb placat cu aur roz, incrustat cucristalezircon. Lanțul estefoartesubtiresi delicat. Toatecomponentele suntplacate cu aurroz. 45 cmlungime.charm: 2 cm.
Disponibil AICI.

"Dreams are the playground of Unicorns." - Unknown

A mystical creature,the Unicorn is a Symbol of magic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment. This pure animal appears to only a rare few and has the ability to bestow magic, miracles and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds.

♥♥♥ The symbolism for unicorn: power, purificati…

Leather Orchid Necklace Golden Brown Leather Jewelry

Un colier foarte feminin, realizat cu mult drag pentru orhidee. Este compus dintr-un buchet din 3 orhidee din piele, in nuante de bej auriu, maro si negru. Baza colierului este impletita manual din piele bej. Colierul este decorat cu perle Preciosa negre. Disponibil AICI.

A very feminine and sensual necklace, handmade with lots of love for the orchid flowers.
It features a beautiful orchid bouquet made with golden, brown and black leather. The base of the necklace is made with hand-braided beige leather cord . The necklace is decorated with 6 mm black Preciosa pearls.Available in my Etsy Shop.

Girl With A Pearl Earring - Pearl Earrings

Dupăvizionareafilmuluidin 2003despre viata celebruluipictorolandezJohannesVermeer, m-am indragostit desuperbaluiopera de arta"Fata cu cercel de perla". De aici si inspiratia mea pentru aceste 2 perechi decercei. Realizati cu perle Marseille de mari dimensiuni,cunuanțe degripetrol si ivoire-argintiu, montate pe baze de cercei placati cu rodiu. Disponibili in magazinul Etsy

After watching the 2003 beautiful movie featuring the life of the famous Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, I absolutely fell in love with his gorgeous art work "Girl with a Pearl Earring". This was my inspiration for these pair of earrings. Made with a big Marseille ivory / gray pearl drop, set on rhodium plated tiny french hook earrings. Available in my Etsy Shop.

Gold Feather Earrings - Statement Jewelry by BijuBrill

Simpli si sic, foarte eye-catchy, acesti cercei sunt foarte lungi si stralucitori. Au elemente placate cu aur de 18K si vor face senzatie atunci cand ii veti purta. Disponibili AICI

Simpleandchic, veryeye-catchy, theseearringsare long andbright.18K goldplatedelementsand will bring lots of compliments. Available in My Etsy Shop.

1 Martie Martisor

Ma bucur ca in sfarsit iarna a trecut, mai avem un hop de trecut, pana ce toate babele se leapada de cele 9 cojoace....:-) Insa vederea florilor pe rafturile magazinelor si in piete, parca imi da o stare de bine . Asa ca va urez si vous o primavara cat mai frumoasa si sa primiti si voi cate un simbol aducator de noroc de la cei dragi!

Burgundy Red Butterfly Earrings

Pentru ca sezonul nuntilor se apropie cu pasi repezi, nu strica sa mai creez si cercei mai eleganti, pentru care am o slabiciune de-a dreptul :-). Eleganta acestei perechi de cercei este foarte greu de descris.....Cristalele Swarovski in forma de poligon sunt atasate de fluturi argintii incrustrati cu zircon. Cerceii au 3.5 cm lungime si sunt placati cu rodiu. Sunt potriviti pentru petreceri, nunti, seri speciale. Disponibili in magazinul online.

Because wedding seasonis approaching, its best tocreatemore elegantearrings, for which  I have areal weaknes:-).The eleganceof this pair ofearringsis veryhard to describe.....the polygon-shaped Swarovskicrystalsare attached tosilverbutterfliesencrustedwithcubic zircon. The earringsare3.5 cmlongandarerhodium plated. They are suitablefor parties,weddings,special nights. Availablein My Etsy Shop.

1 Martie Martisor

Pentru Martie am realizat cateva modele din bratari din piele. Toate au iesit foarte dragute, dovada sta in comentariile si like-urile de pe FP :-D.
Primele sunt din piele alba si rosie, cu flori de mari dimensiuni, pentru cela mai indraznete dintre voi :-)
O alta serie consta in bratari simple, tip charm bracelets, cu baza din snur din piele si diferite figurine : elefanti, potcoave, pisicute si ursuleti.
Mai am cateva disponibile, asa ca va astept cu mult drag. ♥

Amethyst Drop Earrings, Beaded Long Earrings, Chain Earrings

Like a beautiful spring flower bouquet, this pair of earrings is made with pastel Swarovski crystals, in gorgeous colors: purple violet, soft pink, amethyst , Caribbean blue and green. Each crystal is carefully wrapped on rhodium plated ball pins. The 12 mm Swarovski teardrop shaped crystal descends from a rhodium plated chain. Available in My Etsy Shop.

Pure Leaf Earrings with Swarovski Earrings

After I saw the new Swarovski Leaf Pendants, I knew I had to have them! So I've bought several and you will see the final results pretty soon. Here is the first pair. The earrings are so delicate and pure, because those leaves really catch the light!

Blue Red Crystal Rhinestone Stud Earrings

O pereche de cercei deliacti, realizati cu cristale Swarovski in 2 culori indraznete: albastru inchis si rosu aprins. Cristalele sunt montate in elemente argintii si nu contin nichel. Lungime totala: 2.5 cm. Disponibili AICI.

Cute little stud earrings, made with bright and colorful Swarovski crystal rhinestones, in navy blue and bright red . The crystals are set in silver metal findings. Lead and nickel free.They are so delicate, yet daring! Perfect for everyday wear! 2.5 cm long . Available in My Etsy Shop.

Valentine's day Perfect Gift - Crystal Heart Swarovski Pearl Earrings

Adoraceastă perecheromanticade cercei.Am folosit cristale Swarovski intr-o nuanta de roz antic si perle ivoire lacrimă. Agatatoarea este din argint si are 2 inimioare incrustate. Toate accesoriile sunt placate cu rodiu sau aurgint. Pot fi cadoul perfect pentruZiua Îndrăgostiților. ♥ Disponibili si pe Etsy.

I adore this romantic pair of earrings. A gorgeous antique pink Swarovski crystal heart and a stunning ivory pearl teardrop for a feminine piece of jewelry.The crystal hearts are attached to a sterling silver bail, with cute detailed little hearts.I have used rhodium plated elements. They are perfect gift for Valentine's Day. Available in my Etsy shop.

Silver Flower Chain Bracelet with swarovski crystals

O bratara extrem de frumoasa, romantica , realizata cu un link in forma de floare, lant placat cu rodiu si cristale Swarovski intr-o nuanta de cupru si violet. Lungimea ei este reglabila si este disponibila AICI.

A very beautiful, romantic chain bracelet, made with a cute flower link and Swarovski crystal beads, in a gorgeous copper shade. Now available in my Etsy shop.

Gold Star Leather Bracelet

Seria de bratari din piele continua. Aceasta are atasata un charm steluta, placata cu aur de 24K. Snurul este din piele rosie si are 1.5 mm diametru. Accesoriile sunt placate cu aur. Am realizat o varianta simpla si una dubla ( la care am atasat un charm rotund placat cu aur).
Disponibile in magazinul meu AICI SI AICI.

The leatherbraceletsseriescontinues. This one features a24 k gold plated starcharm. The leathercordisred and has1.5 mmdiameter.Imade ​​asimple versionanda double one (to whichIattached agoldplatedroundcharm). Availableinmy Etsy shopHERE and HERE.