Dawanda DIY Challenge - Say It With Clay

Hello lovelies, I hope you had a very beautiful and fun summer vacation. It has been almost 2 months since my last post, I took a break, I needed one :-)
All summer I had the need of laying down, to sun bathe, to chill....oh., I miss those sunny and bright days. I think it was the perfect summer, not too hot, nor too rainy, don't you think?

Well...I will start to post the new creations, because I have some, you know? :-)
A couple of weeks back, I received a message from Alex from Dawanda, asking me if I want to join a contest organized by them, where I should create something with a surprise item I would receive in the mail. Of course I accepted the challenge, I said yes, and 1 week later, I open the beautiful wrapped envelope.
It was a FIMO Air polymer clay package. Now.....I must think to make something creative :-)
Any thoughts? I am open to suggestions, as I have never played with clay before.

SO, after I make something creative, I will need you support to win a 100€ voucher to spend on Dawanda. So, fingers crossed please.
Stay tuned for new updates.


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