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Amethyst Purple Bridal Set - Stunning Swarovski Navette

I made this set using one of the most beautiful Swarovski shapes: Navette. The multiple facetts, the large size of the crystals ( 3 cm) and the rich amethyst color, make this crystal the perfect choice to embelish such a special day: the wedding day. I made a bridal set, composed of earrings, necklace and bracelet. The bride will wear a dramatic black calla-Lilly bouquet, so it is only natural to think she is a spirited bride. Made to order.

For A Free Spirited Bride - Green Statement Swarovski Earrings

This is how I imagine this pair of earrings: worn by a bride, who enjoys nature and chooses to celebrate it in the heart of it. Stunning opal green crystals in two shades:  Palace Green Opal and Chrysolite Opal joined together for a complete natural scenery. Elegant, sophisticated, fairy tail beautiful....

Bling Bling Swarovski Button Rings with Leather

I absolutely love Swarovski buttons. I have used them both for rings and bracelets. I sew them directly onto leather strips and top them with a cute round Swarovski pearl or Miyuki beads. Each time, the outcome is spectacular because of the vibrant colors : light amethyst, crystal tabac, chrysolite green, crystal volcano, colorado topaz. I think it is a cool everyday accessory, so why not go Bling Bling all the way?

Happy Valentin'es Day with Eternity BijuBrill Bracelet

Love is in the air...:-) so I am wishing you all a marvelous Valentine's Day! You can make your loved one a special gift that you can both wear: an eternity love bracelet. Show her/him you infinite love, your eternal gratitude. ♥ 

Gray Heart Leather Ring, I Love You Ring, Swarovski Heart, Bronze Shades

I love many things in life. This is the reason for which this ring is a celebration of LOVE in general.  Valentine's Day is a special day, because people feel the need to express their love and appreciation by offering sweets, jewelry, hugs, kisses, poems or just smiles. Valentine's Day is a concentrated LOVE pill. :-) So this week you could think about the things you love: your passions, your hobbies, your clothes, whatever makes you happy. ♥ Happy Valentine's....week.