Orange Geometric Swarovski Earrings - Astral Pink Madness

No matter the event, a positive attitude is the key to have a wonderful time. Remember to enjoy yourself by wearing bright bold colors!
This is truly a wonderful pair of earrings! The big Swarovski orange squares descends gently from a chandler-shape link, romantic and feminine.
The color of the crystals is extremely bright and eye-caching! It has nice purple hues, the new Swarovski crystal astral pink. It can be successfully worn by extravagant brides.Available in My Etsy Shop.

Statement Bronze Twig Necklace with Green Swarovski Earrings

I wanted to show you how beautiful my statement twig necklace can be with these lovely green Swarovski earrings. The natural structure of the branches and the clear bright crystals make such a wonderful contrast!
This necklace can be worn on any occasion, you just need to dare a bit. :-)
It can be the perfect choice for a natural themed wedding, with a simple, chiffon wedding dress. Just lovely! ♥

Animal Print Leather Stud Earrings by BijuBrill

I have just realized that spring is at its peak. Because of everyday challenges, I haven't managed to post anything lately, although I promised to myself  I  will be more productive and consequent...oh plan hasn't worked but at least, slowly, I was able to complete my other choruses. :-)
Between the lines, I managed to make a cute pair of leather stud earrings. I think they are so cute and chic to wear on a daily basis. They are made with beautiful green goat leather, they are light weight and they bring a touch of color. Available here

La multi ani femeilor de 8 Martie!

Happy Women Day! Va doresc o primavara frumoasa, inflorita si imbelsugata!

Classy Pearl Earrings for an Elegant Touch

They say pearls are a girl's best friend. And they must be right, because pearls have always been loved and cherished by classy, sophisticated women all over the world, no mater the year, age, continent or social status. Nowadays, pearls come in endless shapes, sizes and colors. Faux, natural, cultured etc., so, depending on your budget, you may enjoy its beauty by wearing a classy strand of pearls, or a bracelet or some earrings.
I also love pearls, but I like to combine them with some modern pieces. I often use Swarovski pearls or Majorica type of pearls in my designs, although they are not natural, but they look just as stunning.
Speaking of witch, I made a very beautiful and classy pair of earrings, made with large Majorica-like pearls, mounted on gold plated delicate flower earrings. They seem the perfect choice for a special event.
Available in my Etsy Shop


Amethyst Purple Bridal Set - Stunning Swarovski Navette

I made this set using one of the most beautiful Swarovski shapes: Navette. The multiple facetts, the large size of the crystals ( 3 cm) and the rich amethyst color, make this crystal the perfect choice to embelish such a special day: the wedding day. I made a bridal set, composed of earrings, necklace and bracelet. The bride will wear a dramatic black calla-Lilly bouquet, so it is only natural to think she is a spirited bride. Made to order.

For A Free Spirited Bride - Green Statement Swarovski Earrings

This is how I imagine this pair of earrings: worn by a bride, who enjoys nature and chooses to celebrate it in the heart of it. Stunning opal green crystals in two shades:  Palace Green Opal and Chrysolite Opal joined together for a complete natural scenery. Elegant, sophisticated, fairy tail beautiful....