Classy Pearl Earrings for an Elegant Touch

They say pearls are a girl's best friend. And they must be right, because pearls have always been loved and cherished by classy, sophisticated women all over the world, no mater the year, age, continent or social status. Nowadays, pearls come in endless shapes, sizes and colors. Faux, natural, cultured etc., so, depending on your budget, you may enjoy its beauty by wearing a classy strand of pearls, or a bracelet or some earrings.
I also love pearls, but I like to combine them with some modern pieces. I often use Swarovski pearls or Majorica type of pearls in my designs, although they are not natural, but they look just as stunning.
Speaking of witch, I made a very beautiful and classy pair of earrings, made with large Majorica-like pearls, mounted on gold plated delicate flower earrings. They seem the perfect choice for a special event.
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  1. Pearl earrings are really in fashion and its gives attractive look then the others. I really the article and I like that you share pearls earrings. All the earring designs are awesome.



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