Volcano Burst Swarovski Crystals Earrings- 45 RON / 10.5 €

Cercei din colectia Touch of Elegance, realizati din cristale rotunde Swarovski de 1 cm intr-o nuanta fenomenala - Crystal Volcano, care, in functie de lumina, isi schimba culoarea de la auriu-verzui, la portocaliu, violet intens si fuchsia! Sunt extrem de usori si versatili. Tortite din argint. Se realizeaza la comanda.

Earrings from Touch of Elegance collection, made of 1 cm round Swarovski crystals in a phenomenal shade - Crystal Volcano, which, according to the light, changes color from golden-green, orange, purple and fuchsia! They are extremely lightweight and versatile. Sterling silver hooks. Made to order. 


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