Sweet White Leather Flowers Stud Earrings - 30 RON / 7 €

Cercei din piele accesorizati cu un cristal Swarovski margarita in culoarea light siam. Pielea alba este lacuita. Sunt extrem de feminini...Cerceii sunt placati cu argint. Disponibili si pe alte culoari ( ultima poza - 35 lei / 8 €), pot fi achizitionati in set cu colierul Sapphire Blue Leather Flowers Statement Necklace
Cute leather studs, embellished with a beautiful light siam Swarovski margarita. The white leather is lacquered. Extremely fun and feminine! Silver plated studs. Available in other colors ( see the last picture - 8 €), they can be purchased with Sapphire Blue Leather Flowers Statement Necklace


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