Big White Leather Flower Brooch Nude Cream Crystals

O brosa superba si romantica, realizata din piele alba texturata. este pictata manual pe spate cu nuante de auriu si turquoise. este accesorizata cu 3 cristale  Cehia. Brosa este realizata cu flori multiple suprapuse si este tratata manual pentru p forma 3D. Diametru 10 cm! O gasiti AICI.

A gorgeous and romantic accessory, floral leather brooch, made with textured white cow leather. It is hand painted on the back with golden and turquoise acrylic paint. Three sparkly Czech crystals embellish this statement flower brooch. It features multiple layered leather flowers, carefully cut and shaped for a 3D look.Size: 10 cm diameter . You will find it in my Etsy Shop.


  1. arata splendid! bravo! dar totusi pretul mi se pare cam maricel.


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