Leather Necklace Turquoise Blue and Chocolate Brown Flowers - 65 RON / 15 €

Un colier din piele extrem de feminin si delicat, realizat cu 3 flori albastru turquoise si maro ciocolata. Florile sunt montate pe lant placat cu rodiu si sunt accesorizate cu cristale Cehia de 8 mm. Fiecare floare este vopsita pe margini intr-o nuanta de auriu. Pielea italiana este foarte moale si are aspect metalizat.45 cm lungime. Diametrul florilor 3.5 cm. Il gasiti in magazinul Etsy.

A very fun and delicate necklace, made with 3 beautiful leather flowers in shades of bright blue turquoise and chocolate brown. The flowers are mounted on high quality rhodium plated chain and embellished with 8 mm Czech crystals. Each leather flowers has its margins hand painted with soft golden color. The leather is a very soft Italian leather with metallic finish. 45 cm long; flowers: 3.5 cm diameter . You will find it in my Etsy Shop.


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