Sweet Cream Leather Flowers Necklace - SOLD!

Un colier extrem de feminin si delicat, avand 3 flori din piele metalizata beije-ivoire si maro-ciocolata, pictate manual si cusute pentru rezistenta. In centrul lor se afla cate o perla Swarovski. Florile sunt montate pe un lant placat cu aur de o calitate foarte buna. Lungimea totala este de 48 cm, iar florile au 3.5 cm diametru.

A very feminine and delicate necklace, made with 3 beautiful metallic beige and brown leather, hand painted and hand stitched for resistance. The flowers are mounted on high quality gold plated chain and embellished with 6 mm cream rose Swarovski pearls.Total length: 48 cm ; flowers: 3.5 cm diameter.


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